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We offer volunteering opportunities and accommodation, to help, participate, evaluate and research reiki, tantra and other natural therapies, relaxing and energizing practices, gardening and painting, for a few days. No experience is necessary for volunteering, only willingness and open mind to help and learn. We also welcome visiting experienced permaculturalists, therapiststs and Holistic practicioners of all sorts of traditions who want to contribute and exchange with us or teach to the public. Some specific VOLUNTEERING needs to be done at the Holistic Center (2016-2017), also include: . Website programming . Editing of video documentaries Volunteers at the Holistic Center in Salvador da Bahia 2. Volunteering at the Farm, in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil The main objective of the EcoProject at the EcoFarm is to study and implement diverse ways to increase the ecological and economic sustainability, productivity and the environmental protection within the "Area of Relevant Ecological Interest", close to the Chapada Diamantina National Park and, specifically through the experimental application of Permaculture. As a consequence and result to the community around us, an awareness, training and educational program and seed exchange program is also within our aims. Some volunteers selected during their initial stay at the Holistic Center in Salvador are invited to help at our EcoFarm in Chapada Diamantina during 2-4 weeks, mainly in permaculture with bio-construction, organic farming of coffee, fruits and vegetable garden. Current Volunteering Tasks (2016-2017) at the EcoFarm: . Coffee, fruits and native forest seedling and planting . Enhancement of the access road to the EcoFarm; . Building of gates and enhancement of the fence built around the property; . Preparation, seedling and development of the vegetable garden; . Maintenance and construction of compost pits; . Earth-worm farming (building of new unit with leachate drainage) . Construction of deposit for dead vegetation (mulching) . Bee farming . Native plants (medicinal and edible) inventory . Water solar heater construction and new solar panels installation . Enhancement of the firewall in the South border of property . Painting of kitchen wall . Murals painting . Keyline design . Bocashi and biofertilizers . PDC (in-house)

Bahia , Brasil
  • Jardinagem | Gardening
  • Construção | Building
  • Agricultura | Agriculture
  • Ajuda com projeto ecológico | Help with Eco project
  • Projeto artístico | Art project
  • Tipos de ajuda que o voluntário pode oferecer.
    Centro Holistico em Salvador, Bahia; EcoSitio na Chapada Diamantina. Breve descrição do estabelecimento.
  • Tenho limitação no uso da Internet | I have limited use of the Internet
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